A new digital-first brand and website for Mind Waves Hypnotherapy

July 16, 2022
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Over the space of a month, I helped Lou from Mind Waves name her business, develop a minimum viable digital-first brand, and design and build a website. It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.

Sometimes people ask you for help and you just can't say no. Lou's husband, Rich, and I were good friends and collaborators. After his tragic death from cancer, Lou had hypnotherapy to help her process her grief, and as a result she was inspired to become a hypnotherapist. So it was an honour to help her out with some naming, brand and design after she qualified.

I helped Lou keep costs down by following a minimum viable brand approach. We walked through some exercises to help her come up with a name, and then I developed a logo and a minimal visual toolkit (just some gradients, fonts and colours) that would help differentiate her and set the right tone for prospective clients.

I designed and built her site in Webflow, focusing on answering key questions about hypnotherapy and creating a welcoming, relaxing space. Thanks to close communication and a good shared understanding of the project objectives, we were able to wrap up design and build in 5 days, so she got a great, performant site (that's already generating leads) for minimal spend. Winner.

Check out Lou's site here.

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