Net zero in healthtech: Ōrke x Royal College of Surgeons Bulletin

October 10, 2022
1 min read
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Ōrke is featured in the Royal College of Surgeons Bulletin this month, talking about introducing carbon considerations into the conversations clinicians have with patients about healthcare decisions. Download the bulletin here. We're on page 22, which is also page 336 (smart people do page numbers weirdly).

The article's a summary of a research project I conducted for Concentric Health, a long-time Ōrke client. As part of a Department of Health-funded project around net zero, they asked me to find out how clinicians might talk about the environmental impact of treatment options with patients. What's the best way to do it? How do you talk about the environment to someone with a serious health condition, in a potentially stressful context, without bumming them out even more? What part could healthtech products like Concentric's digital consent platform play?

I brought in Kit Hunwicks, a user researcher and Ōrke associate, to help me conduct a bunch of interviews and surveys with clinicians and patients to try and answer some of those questions. It turned out the answers were really complex. If you're interested, read our full report here.