SLAB Jewellery x Ōrke Design: skulls, daggers, cool goths

September 12, 2022
1 min read
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SLAB Jewellery makes rad jewellery which reinterprets reliquaries and memento mori iconography for modern dark hearts. If you like hanging around in dank graveyards you'll love it. When Hannah, the founder, asked me to do a massive gothic illustration for her, I couldn't really say no. Also, I'm married to her, so it would have made mealtimes awkward.

We wrote a list of the key elements of her work, and tried to get them all into an illustration inspired by my Castle of Crossed Destinies tarot deck. It's like goth Where's Wally - there's a skull (clearly), a snake, a sword, wings, a spiky old halo. It's got everything.

The banner I drew for Slab Jewellery, stuck on a dark wall with a shadow falling across it. A skull with a spiky halo stares out from between two angel wings, while underneath a snake and a sword intertwine.

Death is a shadow that falls long and cool across my existence.