Exploring the future of insurance

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Exploring the future of insurance

Sønr is a market intelligence platform for innovators working in insurance. Based on the world’s most comprehensive innovation dataset, it helps insurers find and work with new businesses that help people lead safer, happier lives.

I’ve worked with Sønr since it was born, and continue to look after all their brand and digital experiences.


  • User experience research + design
  • Value proposition design
  • Roadmap definition
  • Brand development + design
  • Illustration + animation
  • Interface design
  • Design system development

Building a challenger brand

For obvious reasons, the insurance industry isn’t renowned for its risk-taking. The brief for the Sønr brand was to create something a little different, based around a future-focused brand promise: helping you be the smartest person in the room, by showing you the future of insurance.

The visual ID is based around a strong colour palette that stands out against the competition (about 98% of insurance industry brands are blue), and offers plenty of scope for characterful motion that brings the promise to life.

Three Sønr interfaces running on phones

Rich data at your fingertips

Sønr’s value comes from the vast amount of data it holds. The challenge was to help users find the things they need, right now, no matter what device they’re using and where they are.

Together, we developed a crisp design system that’s equally at home giving you a sector overview before a board meeting on your phone, as it is helping you track multiple negotatiations across different phases on your laptop.

An immediate experience

Insight told us that, to be useful on a day-to-day basis, Sønr had to get to the point quickly.

When you log in the first thing you see is an overview of what matters to you right now, based on what you, your team, and the market have been doing.

Two whitelabelled versions of Sønr

Whitelabels, the easy way

Corporate innovators within big insurance businesses are a key market for Sønr. We leveraged the design system to allow whitelabelled versions, customised with brand-appropriate colours, logos and imagery, to be created in minutes.

“Robb and Ōrke have helped us create a genuinely world-class product. Sønr wouldn’t be half what it is today without his help and guidance.”

Matt Connolly
Founder and CEO, Sønr

The Sønr product site running on a tablet

Standout from the start

Sønr’s marketing funnel predominantly starts with LinkedIn ads, which lead to the product site. We designed a product site that borrows sci-fi and futurist imagery that builds into a unique brand experience. At a brand level, there’s light years between Sønr and the competition, and that creates real engagement with the product’s target audience.

Beautiful, bespoke illustration

While the Sønr product experience is data and insight-led, the brand experience through the sales funnel has to work a little harder. I had a great time drawing pictures of a space-age future, creating a library of assets Sønr can use to assert their brand across touchpoints.

A bespoke satellite illustration from the Sønr library
product site_phone
product site_phone 2
product site_phone 3

Since launch in 2017, Sønr has grown from a scrappy upstart into a powerhouse for insurance innovation, and is used by some of the world’s leading insurance brands. The new product site, which launched in May 2020, has driven dramatically increased engagement with the product.

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Ōrke is a Danish word related to having the energy to try things.