Digital product & service design

for a better world

I'm Robb. I work with businesses with courage and heart to build a better world.

I help businesses understand their customers, their markets and the future. Together, we design digital products and services with lasting social, environmental and commercial value.

Latest projects

Keeping houseplants and their owners happy through behavioural design and smart data
Bower Collective
Using brand and service design to help smart shoppers make zero-waste luxury a reality
Digital transformation to enable closed-loop recycling on an industrial scale

Ōrke Teams: the people you need, when you need them

Over the last 15 years I've worked with some amazing strategists, designers, writers and developers. If you need a bespoke team to get stuff done, I can build you one. Senior-level talent, personally recommended, without any of the overhead or admin of working with an agency.


Let's make something great.

Ōrke is a Danish word related to having the energy to try things.