Find the problem

Great experiences start with the people who’ll be using them.

Let Ōrke help you understand your customers and where you fit into their lives, so you know you’re solving the right thing:

Learn about your audience

You probably know your audience pretty well. But they know themselves better. I'll help you get inside their heads, using a whole range of quantitive and qualitative research techniques - everything from simple surveys through to interviews and diary studies - to find the things that really matter.

Turn data into insights

Information on its own is cool. But information that tells a story is super cool. I’ll help you bring your data together into a narrative that guides where you should focus now, and next, to deliver real value.

Behavioural insight

Sometimes people don’t act how you expect. I'll help you harness the power of behavioural economics to work out where and how to intervene, to maximise the social, environmental and commercial impact of your work.

Experience + service mapping

People experience your business in all sorts of contexts. Connecting the dots helps you work out how to do better. Using mapping and visualisation techniques, We'll explore the journeys real people take through your services, and highlight the bits that work and the bits that need work.

Competitor analysis

To make a difference for your customers, you need to know what your competitors are doing. I’ll help you understand who you’re up against, and where the opportunities are for impactful optimisation and disruptive change.