Closing the loop for a greener world

Mobile view of MyEnva, over a forest background


Closing the loop for a greener world

What if you could use digital tools to recycle the things businesses throw away, and track the journey of waste products from refuse to re-use?

Working in partnership with Rockpool Digital, I recruited an Ōrke design team to help Enva do just that.


  • Service design and mapping

  • Roadmap definition

  • User journey mapping + wireframing

  • Prototyping + user research

  • Design system development

  • Interface design

An experience map, with customer journey points connected by lines and key questions for each journey point listed underneath

MyEnva: Connected journeys, complete experiences

Digital transformation’s difficult, but starting in the right place helps, and there's nobody better to tell you where that place is than users.

A short, sharp user research sprint helped us develop comprehensive personas and experience maps. These informed the heart and structure of MyEnva, a digital platform that connects Enva's employees, customers and suppliers to increase efficiency, sustainability and compliance, right through the chain from collecting waste to recycling and reusing it.

Digital-first services for better sustainability, reliability and compliance

Fuelled by our user insight and collaborative ideation, we developed a range of innovative, testable propositions across the whole customer and employee experience. These ranged from marginal gains, like automating manual processes around sustainability reporting, through to big, future-focused changes like GPS tracked collections.

The answers Enva customers and employees need, when they need them

The core of MyEnva, Enva’s new digital service platform, is a task-focused dashboard that combines prioritised actions and in-depth reporting. MyEnva is used by a wide range of different people, who all have their own priorities; research-driven, role-based personalisation means we always show users what they need to know, right now.

The homepage of MyEnva running on a desktop, showing key tasks and reporting highlights

Easy, fast, friendly

We developed Enva’s first digital design system, Seed, so that we could quickly iterate and launch new services.

It's designed to work just as well for a labourer arranging a collection on a dusty smartphone as it does for a purchasing manager buying recycled materials on a laptop.

Moments of delight

The things people do in MyEnva aren’t typically high-value - while they’re a vital part of keeping a business running, they’re unlikely to be transformational in isolation. We designed Seed to inject moments of reward into necessarily complex journeys, to build affinity through fulfilment.

“Oh my god… This is revolutionary. It will win awards. Let me have it, now!”

User research participant

MyEnva soft-launched in winter 2019, and now powers all of Enva’s business, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, improved business performance and more recycling and reuse.

Let's make something great.

Ōrke is a Danish word related to having the energy to try things.