Happy houseplants, healthy head

Screens from the Hedira app on a hand-drawn jungle background


Happy houseplants, healthy head

Looking after houseplants is proven to increase mental wellbeing. But life is busy, and it’s hard to remember what to do to which plants, when.

Hedira is a native app that solves those problems, using data and design to help people keep their houseplants healthy, happy and thriving.


  • Behavioural insight

  • Roadmap definition

  • User journey mapping and wire framing

  • Brand development

  • Interface design

  • Illustration + animation

Two screens from the Hedira app running on a smartphone

Run to the jungle

Our mission at Hedira is to turn normal people into plant people. Some early users of a mostly undesigned beta app had been serial plant-killers until they started using Hedira, and now had thriving jungles at home. Our first challenge was to figure out how to help more people along that journey.

Based on the principles of self-determination theory, we designed a completely new experience that creates competence, autonomy and relatedness, helping our users grow into the plant people they want to be.

Self-determination theory’s really interesting, by the way. If you’ve got time, read more about it.

Helping the brand blossom

Before I met them Hedira had been necessarily focused on function, not form. The first version of the app worked great, but it looked pretty rubbish, so an early challenge was to get it ready for primetime by fundamentally reworking the visual identity.

Lots of collaboration and quick iterations helped us relaunch with a super-clean new brand in weeks, based on insight from our users that caring for plants felt like a science project. Backed up with a simple design system, the new brand helped us design and test new features double-quick.

Various interfaces from Hedira on smartphones

Leaf it out

Hedira isn’t just about plants, it’s about how they fit into your life and their impact on your wellbeing. Lots of other plantcare apps rely on stock photography, but carefully-styled palms in immaculate rooms didn’t feel right for us, so we created our own distinctive illustration style that humanises that science-y logo and helps our users imagine the kind of jungle we might help them create.

A view of the Hedira product website on a tablet

“I’ve always been scared to buy plants because I was pretty sure they’ll die with me, but thanks to Hedira I now feel confident about having so many more plants. It’s got everything I need!”

Unsolicited feedback from a Hedira user

Since we relaunched in summer 2020, Hedira’s seen a dramatic increase in engagement. Based on continual feedback from our community, we’re currently working on a whole bunch of exciting new features that make plant parenthood even more easy and fun.

I've since joined Hedira as a co-founder. As a result, I now own loads of houseplants, none of which are dying.

Let's make something great.

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